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A trigger point is a hyper irritable spot, a palpable knot within muscle tissue that causes pain in other parts of the body.
The technique of trigger point is to relieve contracture or tension in the muscles and consequently relieve the pain that it reflects in other areas of the body.



The Trigger Point (myofascial trigger point -TrP) is a hyper irritable point of pain, a congested area or a palpable knot, located in a tense band within a skeletal muscle that generates pain – with compression, distention, overload or contraction of tissue – and which manifests itself in a remote area where the trigger point is located – referred pain. In addition to pain, Trigger Point can also cause motor dysfunction (lack of strength, premature fatigue, chronic tiredness, hyper-sudoration or impaired sensation).

A Trigger Point is a specific area of ​​the muscle where there is high intoxication, high acidity due to poor blood flow and poor evacuation of toxins.
The Trigger Point Massage we offer helps you relieve the source of pain and reduce muscle contraction.


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