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SM – Rehabilitation Massage Therapy

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60 minutes┬áTherapeutic rehabilitation massage – which includes several techniques and modalities – helps relieve various symptoms caused by brain injuries.

In our experience we see how periodic massages in these patients help them relieve pain and tension, mobilize and drain the lymphatic system, reduce emotional and physical stress among many other benefits.

Each case is evaluated individually because each brain injury has different effects and patients’ needs must be treated differently.

Our goal is to assist families in the process of rehabilitating their loved ones and provide our clients with the holistic treatment most appropriate to their needs. We offer discount plans for families and patients with special needs.



SKU: rehabilitation-massage-therapy Category:


Therapeutic massage in rehabilitation is used to prevent and treat physical dysfunctions and pain through the application of various manual techniques on soft tissues -muscles and connective tissue- and joints.

Rehabilitation massage therapy helps relieve symptoms in the short and long term. The short-term relief that massage produces has positive effects at the psychological level in improving the patient’s quality of life.

Objectives of therapeutic rehabilitation massage:
– Sedate pain and avoid muscle spasm
– Stimulate muscle contraction
– Avoid muscular atrophy
– Stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation
– Passively mobilize muscles and relieve spasticity
– Reduce the tightness of scar tissue
– Increase muscle length
– Reduce the number of spasms
– Reduce anxiety and stress
– Improve sleep
– Induce relaxation
– Relieve joint pain
– Reduce hypersensitivity and discomfort
– Prevent and reduce inflammation

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