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Healing Energy Therapy is a holistic practice that activates the body’s subtle systems to remove blocks. It’s based on scientific principles of physics. This modality stimulates the flow of energy to rebalance the body, improve mental clarity, emotional inner peace and physical well-being.

This therapy is part of the Complementary, Alternative and Integrative Health Care therapies. It’s beneficial for pain management, symptoms management and relief in cancer patients and Survivors, health-related behaviors management, and many others health issues.  Include techniques such as relaxation techniques, deep conscious breathing, awareness of the body, healing and therapeutic touch, pranic healing, polarity, visualizations and spiritual healing.

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Healing of mental, emotional, physical or functional disorder by rebalancing the energy fields in the whole person.

Healing Energy modality brings energy into the client in order to facilitates client’s body-mind accesses to its inherent ability to heal itself.

Healing Energy  Therapy facilitates the healing process by nurturing, repairing, and rebalancing the energy and clearing blocks in the energy fields.


60 minutes session


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Healing Energy Therapy, 5 sessions package, 10 sessions package


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