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SM – Elderly Massage 63+

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60 minutes Elderly Massage is designed to meet the needs of the elderly. It is especially beneficial to maintain and improve health as we get older. It also helps reduce anxiety and depression.
Periodic massage in the elderly has proven beneficial in reducing pain and tensions caused by arthritis, inducing mental and physical relaxation, improving emotional states and depression, helping to improve sleep and relieving anxiety.
It has also proven to be a great help in recovery after surgeries, accidents or illnesses.


SKU: elderly-massage-63 Category: Tags: ,


Other benefits of periodic massage in the elderly are:
• Improves balance, balance and walking.
• Increases blood flow to the extremities.
• Helps soften tensions in tissues and muscles.
• Increases flexibility and better joint performance.
• Generates well being and tranquility states.
• Physical contact helps them improve mood.
• Helps produce hormones and neurotransmitters beneficial to the functioning of the nervous system.
• It is helpful in recovering from strokes.
• Improves the number of hours of sleep and the quality of it.
• Supports the immune system through the release of toxins.
• Helps relieve the pain caused by arthritis due to increased blood flow and body temperature.


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