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Powerful blends of Bach, Bush, New Zealand, and New Generation flower essences aimed at helping pets and their caregivers alleviate or resolve health, emotional or behavioral conditions such as: learning a new behavior; hostility or distrust; stress relief, weight & appetite control; panic; separation anxiety; depression; allergies; physical pain; trauma; living in a harmonious group…

We also provide customized blends.

What are the Flower Essence Remedies?

Flower Essence Remedies are a natural healing and medicine system, first discovered in the 1920s and 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach in England, who developed the Bach Flower remedies.

Later other systems of essences have been developed and actually there are many groups of Flower Essence Remedies: Bach Flower Remedies; Australian Bush Flower Essences, New Generation or Andreas Korte System, New Zealand Flower Essences; Orchids Essences; Californian Flower Essences, and others.

Flower essences act holistically in people. However, each system focuses on different aspects. This is how Bach flowers were initially developed based on personality prototypes, which is why these flowers emphasize more on emotions. Australian Bush developed flower essences come from the flowers of desert plants and shrubs. This characteristic makes it possible for them to have a greater effect on the physical body. The flower essences evolved by Andreas Korte help the development of consciousness and stimulate the ability to work the spiritual path. 

They could be incorporated into therapy to improve the integral well-being.

The Flower Essence Remedies are safe, without side effects.



The Flower Essence Remedies -1st dilution- used to prepare the customized remedy -a 2nd dilution-are:

  • Bach Flower Remedies – 38 essences
  • Bush – Australian Bush Flower Essences – 69 essences
  • New Generation – Andreas Korte System – 60 essences
  • New Zealand Flower Essences – Body system – 13 essences


Bach Flower Remedies and/or Australian Bush Flower Essences and/or New Generation Flower Essences, Spring water.


Shake well before use.

Cats: put 4 drops on the paws (on the pads of the front paws) or on the upper lip 2 times a day; you can also put 4 drops in water or food 2 times a day; or put 4 drops in the mouth twice a day.

Dogs: give 4 drops to lick twice a day; you can also put 4 drops in water or food 2 times a day.

Please note that the effect of the essence does not vary depending on the number of drops, the effect depends on how often the remedy is ingested. Depending on the intensity of the emotional state, it is advisable to take flower essences as follows:

1.) Chronic emotional states: 4 drops 2 times a day for a minimum of 3 months

2.) Acute Cases: 2 drops every 2 hours for a few days, progressively spacing the intakes until they are suspended when the condition improves and the particular indication ceases.

3.) Hyperacute cases and emergency circumstances: The doses can be repeated every half hour or more frequently, always spacing the doses according to improvement.


Flower essences are manifested through vibrations; in other words, each one of them has a defined quantum structure that is expressed in a specific pattern of vibration. The vibrational field of this structure is subtle, it is a field of energy and information. The vibrational field can be altered by radiation and strong electromagnetic fields, as well as by extreme temperatures (below 39°F (4°C) and above 140°F (60°C). Store in the shade, in a place fresh, in its original container and away from computers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, televisions and X-rays that could alter its stability and effectiveness; when traveling by plane wrap the bottle in aluminum foil. Avoid leaving the bottle uncovered for a long time to prevent evaporation. Avoid contact the dropper with saliva.


This product has not been evaluated by the FDA – Food and Drug Administration, and is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. It is not intended to represent or replace professional medical advice.

Please consult your pet Vet prior using these natural product if your pet is pregnant or nursing. You should not give any herbal treatments, products, or healing plants if your pet is pregnant or breastfeeding, or even if your pet is in good health, without first contacting your pet Vet. Epidauria is not responsible for any use, misuse or abuse of any herbal treatments or herbs you use; nor any resulting sickness. Please if you wish to try our oils or any other healing remedies with your pet, educate yourself before use of any herbal treatments.

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Stress Relief, Separation Anxiety, Weight & Appetite Control, Panic, Allergies, Physical Pain, Rescue


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