Flower Essence Remedies – 1 oz


The Flower Essence Remedies is a natural healing and medicine system, first discovered in the 1920s and 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach in England, who developed the Bach Flower remedies.

The impact of flower essence remedies is especially in the emotional and energetic level, generating emotional health and balance. They could be incorporated into therapy to improve the integral well-being. The Flower essence remedies help to develop a higher level of intuition, self esteem, creativity, awareness, and spirituality.

There are many groups of Flower Essence Remedies: Bach Flower Remedies; Australian Bush Flower Essences, New Zealand Flower Essences; Orchids Essences; Californian Flower Essences, and others.

The Flower Essence Remedies are safe, without side effects.

Dr. Bach categorized the remedies in seven groupings, to help people choose the right remedy for their individual concerns:

Emotional Group 1 – Fear – Face your fears

Emotional Group 2 – Uncertainty – Know your mind

Emotional Group 3 – Insufficient interest in present circumstances – Live the day

Emotional Group 4 – Loneliness – Reach out to others

Emotional Group 5 – Oversensitivity to influences and ideas – Stand your ground

Emotional Group 6 – Despondency and despair – Find Joy & Hope

Emotional Group 7 – Overcare for the welfare of others – Live & Let live



The Flower Essence Remedies -1st dilution- used to prepare the customized remedy -a 2nd dilution-are:

  • Bach Flower Remedies – 38 essences
  • Bush – Australian Bush Flower Essences – 69 essences
  • New Zealand Flower Essences – Body system


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Single Flower of Bach, Rescue, Single Flower of Bush, Customized Blend, Common Blend, Consultation, Emotional group 1 – Face your fears, Emotional group 2 – Know your mind, Emotional group 3 – Live the day, Emotional group 4 – Reach out to others, Emotional group 5 – Stand your ground, Emotional group 6 – Find Joy & Hope, Emotional group 7 – Live & Let Life


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