Assessment – Immigration purposes


A Biophycosocial assessment can be very helpful when a citizen experiences emotional problems or in his/her living condition due to the migratory situation of his/her loved one.

This type of assessment can provide clear information about the person, history, current conditions, and the possible emotional, mental, social and economic effects that would be caused by the separation from his/her loved one, due to the dispositions that could be issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.


What is an Assessment for Immigration purposes?

Whit the purpose of offering an evaluation that will be useful before U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, we have designed a comprehensive evaluation that includes biographical, psychological, family and sociocultural aspects: Biopsychosocial assessment.

The Byopsychosocial assessment is done through a set of actions and instruments that allow to collect valuable information about the citizen to be evaluated, his/her conditions and everything that is important for the case of their loved one before the immigration services.

The purpose of the evaluation is to understand the citizen, his/her circumstances and provide the lawyer with the elements that will help to substantiate the arguments before U.S. Citizenship and immigration Services.

What does assessment for Immigration purposes include?

The evaluation process includes an intake session, interviews and all testing sessions necessary, consultation with professionals who interact with the person (doctors, teachers, partner, among others), tests -objective and subjective-, inventories, review of existing data, observations and a feedback session.

Moreover, the assessment involve administration, scoring, interpretations of tests, as well as a written report to be reviewed with client and presented to lawyer.


The rate of evaluations to present to Immigration is $ 2400.00 per person.

A partial deposit will be required on the first day of evaluation, and the remaining balance will be due upon completion of the result review session.

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Assessment/Immigration Purposes Total, Assessment/Immigration purposes – Initial Deposit, Assessment/Immigration purposes – Completion


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