Flower Essences are vibrational remedies, so they act differently from conventional medicines. They are safe and have no contraindications or side effects.

We are using the Floral Therapy  to help our clients in their processes of self-healing, awareness, individuation and introvision (inner vision of oneself in relation to the environment and the circumstances of life).



The use of the flowers as remedies is remote to the antiquity, when the man took simply of the nature its elements to be cured.



Floral therapy is a type of natural and holistic practice that emerged at the beginning of the twentieth century by Dr. Edward Bach. Floral Therapy is aimed at providing wellbeing and health to people. The action and effect of the floral therapy is of a bioenergetic nature, and mainly seeks to provide mental harmony and emotional stability through the selective prescription of floral essences for the correction of psycho-emotional imbalances.



Floral essences contain “harmonic frequency patterns” capable of resonating with the patterns in disharmony, thus restoring the correct frequency loss, which brings relief or cessation of the altered emotion. The organism, in vibrating harmony, can then start up its processes of healing self-regulation.


The emotional conflicts that can be addressed with Floral therapy are various and the field of action is broad, some examples: guilt, resentment, anguish, confusion, anxiety, fears, feeling of failure, boredom, sadness, shocks, uncertainty, Vocational indecision, angry temperament, pessimism, etc. 


Currently there are many floral systems in the world, this therapy is recommended since the year 1976 by the World Health Organization. The use of other systems for the completed and complete work of the therapists is common practice. For this we have floral essence systems like the Australian essences of Bush, Bach Flowers Remedies, New Zealand Flowers Essence and New Generation, within the best known and developed .