About Epidauria



Epidauria Holistic Wellness Services specializes in integral health, spiritual couching, massages, meditation, Access Bars, and Reiki. Our goal is to provide holistic health care services from our highly-skilled team to keep you pain-free and in optimum health. We give every client all our love and support to address health, and spiritual concerns and/or goals.

Today, more than ever, Epidauria Holistic Wellness Services understands that diet, exercise and health care all play large roles in improving overall health, and happiness. Our wellness aproche not only helps you achieve your health and mental goals but also helps you achieve mindfulness, and over all well-being. What shows on the outside is a reflection of the inside. We are here to assist you, and we want you to have the support you need to implement lifestyle changes that will help you improve your health, whether it’s managing pain or mental balance.