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About Epidauria

Epidauria -Holistic Wellness Center - is a small sanctuary in the heart of downtown Hollywood, FL, open to people seeking for emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health and harmony.

Visit us and learn how we can help you change your life!


Do you know what Epidauria means?

A brief historical review

The history of Epidauria dates back to ancient Greece. Epidauria was a small territory of the Greek Peloponnese, was founded or called by Epidaurus. In the territory of Epidaurus, Mount Cirtonio was a place where a healing divinity was worshipped from the 16th century BC. In this same place was erected a sanctuary of Apollo Maleatas around the year 800 BC and was in the middle of the 6th century BC when the cult of Asclepius was established.


By Jean Housen - Own work, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=10716516


According to Greek mythology, the son of Apollo, Asclepius, the healer, was born in Epidaurus. In the city of Epidaurus lies the most renowned and important temple dedicated to healing in the classical era of Greece.

Asclepius was the most important healer-God of antiquity.

Due to the great influx of pilgrims the sanctuary was developed in the valley and not at the top where the city was located.

Since 1988 UNESCO declared the ruins of the ancient Epidaurus as a World Heritage site.




Holistic Wellness Center, is a small 'sanctuary' in the heart of downtown Hollywood, Florida, open to people seeking for emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health and harmony.





Holistic Vision

For us, Holistic means that we see each one as an indivisible whole: a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being.



Caring and Compassionate

We encourage ourselves to provide a caring and compassionate service to our clients.



We encourage to ourselves to engage in open and honest communication with our clients.

Alternative Interventions

We generate a set of alternative interventions to achieve our clients' end goals.


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